School News

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,

Please note the following uniform requirements and minor amendments to the school uniform policy in the context of COVID-19.

School uniform/s or clothes should be laundered regularly in line with usual good hygiene. In line with the guidelines issued by the DES, windows will be open in each classroom. For this reason, we are advising students to consider wearing garments underneath the school uniform e.g thermal clothing, base layers and t-shirts.

Uniform Requirements 2020/2021

The Coláiste Fionnchua uniform consists of: School jacket, College jumper, grey shirt, red tie, grey trousers/black skirt, black shoes, black socks/tights.

The roadmap for reopening schools outlines several procedures that schools have to adopt and one of these is ensuring adequate ventilation for all classrooms. We have asked our staff and students to ensure that windows and doors in classrooms remain open to facilitate regular circulation of air in rooms. As the weather gets colder and temperature begin to drop considerably there is still a need to ventilate rooms sufficiently. Students will be allowed to wear their school jacket when they are in class. If a senior cycle student does not have a school jacket, they may wear a plain coloured jacket. The preference is a plain navy/black jacket but we appreciate that all students may not have a school jacket or plain navy/black jacket.

If a student chooses not to wear a school jacket it is also appropriate for students to wear layers under their uniforms (for example, skins, thermal vest, etc.). In this way we hope that students are comfortable in school and that we continue to minimise the risk of exposure to infection for all our school community.

Please note that hoodies are not permitted as an alternative to a school jacket and should not be worn to school.


PE Uniform

If a student has a scheduled PE class they should wear appropriate sportswear to school on that day.  The new school PE uniform is available from IDsports.

If a student does not have the PE uniform, plain Navy/Black Tracksuits only are allowed to be worn on the days the student has PE.  Leggings are not permitted.

Students not partaking in PE should wear their normal school uniform.


It is important that students recognise the need to wear the appropriate school uniform and that parents/guardians support the school in the application of our uniform policy.