The Pastoral Care Team
In Coláiste Fionnchua promotes the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of our students. Any student who has a specific problem can be assured of a sympathetic ear and a guiding hand. We feel that this support reinforces positive attitudes and behaviours and in turn creates the positive and safe environment that we are proud of.


Year Heads & Class Tutors
Each Year Group has both a Year Head and an assigned Class Tutor. Both are responsible for the welfare and progress of all students within their year group. Students meet with their Year Heads and Class Tutor on a daily basis at morning assembly.


Home School Community Liaison
Our Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator’s main role is to work with parents and the community to help them achieve the best possible educational opportunities for their son/daughter. This positive link between school, home and the wider community is an excellent resource for both parents and teachers. The HSCL Co-ordinator also runs courses for parents and is available to visit homes to help parents best support their child in the school. This helps parents feel welcome and an integral part of our school community.


Additional Educational Needs
Students with additional educational needs benefit from the small group environment in Learning Support/Resource classes where there is a strong focus on both literacy and numeracy. Teachers are made aware at the beginning of the year of any students with additional educational needs and given appropriate guidance in the teaching methodologies advised. It is of the utmost importance to us in Coláiste Fionnchua that each student is given the opportunity to reach their own potential.


Buddy System
In Coláiste Fionnchua we have a very successful Buddy System in operation. An Induction Day is held in May before the incoming First Years begin their time in secondary school, where they meet their buddy, a senior cycle student. This senior cycle student will then look after that first year student and be there for them if they have any questions, are in need of any support or need someone to confide in. We find this system to be very effective in easing the transition from primary to secondary school for our new students.


Guidance Counsellor
The Guidance Counsellor assists students in making an informed decision on their choice of career. If parents have any concerns regarding their son/daughter’s future, the Guidance Counsellor is available by appointment to discuss the matter with them. The Guidance Counsellor is also available to discuss subject choices and study skills with all students. We also offer the facility of a counsellor to all students. Students may self-refer or be referred through the Pastoral Care Team to either the Guidance Counsellor or Personal Counsellor. We feel that this is an extremely important support to provide to all of our students.


Outside Agencies
The Principal may refer students to outside agencies in order to ensure the educational and personal wellbeing of all students. Such referrals are made in consultation with parents/guardians.


School Completion Programme
Our School Completion Team works closely with pupils to ensure that they have a positive attitude towards school life. Our aim is to ensure that all of our students maximize their potential and reach their educational and personal goals.