Our aim in Coláiste Fionnchua is to ensure that all students fulfill their potential.

In order to ensure that this occurs it is crucial that all students are encouraged to strive for academic excellence. Teaching and learning is at the core of our college where varied teaching methodologies are used to ensure that all students, regardless of ability of learning style, are enabled to maximise their success. Students are monitored through classroom work, homework, informal assessment and formal assessment, oral presentations, Classroom-Based Assessments and Assessment Tasks.



All students within the college are assessed on a regular basis. This occurs through a variety of means: classroom work, homework, class tests and term assessments. The teachers in our college use Assessment For Learning methods of assessment to ensure students come to understand how they learn and can identify where, and more importantly why, mistakes are being made. This approach towards effective assessment has proven to improve students’ academic success and progression.


Monthly Progress Report

Students are assessed monthly by each of their teachers. The assessments will vary in form at the discretion of the teacher e.g. written, oral, practical etc. Following these assessments parents receive a report outlining the results, attendance, general behaviour and progress of each student. This enables academic tracking to take place and can help parents and teachers identify areas where extra support may be appropriate. It also enables the student to monitor their own progress and to act accordingly.


Evening Study and Homework Club

Homework plays a vital role in the academic development and learning of our students. All first year and second year students are provided with free Homework Club where they are offered assistance with assigned homework and are introduced to a structured learning and studying environment.


Academic Culture

Within the college the Academic Council meets to discuss the academic progression of students and implements plans on how further improvement can be achieved. The council also identifies methods of best teaching practice and how these can be implemented across the entire school to maximise students’ achievement and ensure natural progression to Third Level Education. SEN Co-ordinator is placed on literacy and numeracy development. The council is comprised of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, JCSP Coordinator, Career Guidance, and AEN Coordinator.


First Year Academic Scholarship

The First Year student academic scholarship is an initiative designed to recognise and nurture exceptional students. Coláiste Fionnchua recognises the calibre of its high achieving students with this award. Annually, it will go to the First Year student that performs to the best of their ability and excels academically. The benefits of the award are as follows: *€200 gift cheque *Free school books & wavier of school fees (2nd Year) *New school jacket *Free school meals (2nd Year) *Free evening study (2nd Year) *A grant to attend a Gaeltacht summer course.