I.C.T: 21st Century Learner iPad Initiative

The first-year students who began their educational journey at Coláiste Fionnchua in 2018/19 were set apart from others in the locale, as they were the first group of students to use an iPad as a central tool to enhance their learning. The rationale behind this decision was reached after discussion with the teaching staff about how we could enhance the experience of learning and teaching for our incoming students, ‘Today, students live in a world that is continuously evolving to meet the challenges of the 21stcentury. As our world becomes more complex and interconnected, there is considerable discussion taking place in relation to how we teach and what we teach. There is growing evidence that students will require a different set of capabilities to live and work effectively in the 21st century, which in turns implies a transformation of our education system, therefore we now offer Coding as a subject at Junior Cycle. Students today want a more personalised learning experience where they are active participants and collaborators with their peers and teachers’.


At Coláiste Fionnchua, we are passionate about education. We believe that learning should be inspirational and accessible for all. We believe that when the right technology is placed in the hands of our knowledgeable and confident teachers, learning can be revolutionised to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The school prides itself on promoting innovation and embracing technology to facilitate effective, meaningful and memorable learning experiences. The most powerful tools for learning are the ones students love to use. We look forward to further developing our ‘21st Century Learner iPad Initiative’ with our digital partner ‘Compu B’ who will provide technical support to both students and teachers to maximise the learning that will take place.


The benefits of iPads are numerous; by raising motivation levels, increasing interest and participation and encouraging learning to happen anywhere at any time. These elements create a personalised learning environment where teachers have the opportunity to develop innovate and challenging methods of teaching.