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Coláiste Fionnchua Re-Opening Updates

The countdown to the 2021 – 2022 academic year has begun and we look forward to welcoming all staff and students back on campus.

Please see below the return to school dates for each of the year groups.

  • 26/8/21 First Years Only
  • 27/8/21 First Years Only
  • 30/8/21 First, Third & Sixth Years
  • 31/9/21 First, Second, Third, Fifth & Sixth Years
  • 01/9/21 All students return to school 

Please find below our school calendar for the 2021/2022 academic year. 

                                                            SCHOOL CALENDAR 2021/22  

First Term  
School re-opens   Thursday 26th & Friday 27th August (First Years Only)  
School re-opens    Monday 30th  Third and Sixth Years  
School re-opens   Tuesday 31st Second and Fifth Years  
School re-opens   Wednesday 1st September TY, LCA and Rang Barra  
School Closed   Monday 27th September  
6th year & LCA2  Parent/Pupil/ Teacher Meeting   Tuesday 28th September  
2nd & 3rd year  Parent/Pupil/ Teacher Meeting   Monday 11th October  
Mid-Term Break   25th October– 29th October (Inclusive)  
Christmas House Exams   Week beginning 13th December  
Christmas Holidays   Wednesday 22nd  December  


Second Term  
School re-opens (All Students)   Thursday  6th January  
1st Year  Parent/Pupil/ Teacher Meeting   Thursday 13th January  
JCT Staff Cluster Day (School closed to students)   Tuesday 18th January  
Pre Examinations   Week Beginning 7th February  
Mid-term Break   21st – 25th February (Inclusive)  
5th Year & LCA 1  Parent/Pupil/ Teacher Meeting   Tuesday 1st March  
School Closed   Friday 18th Match  
6th year, LCA2 & 3rd year Parent/Pupil/ Teacher Meeting   Thursday 24th March  
Easter Holidays   Monday 11th March –22nd April (Inclusive)  


Third Term  
School re-opens (All Students)   Monday 25th April  
Day Off (no classes)   Tuesday 3rd May  
Leaving Certificate Graduation Mass   Tuesday 24th  May   
Transition Year Graduation   Wednesday 25th  May  
Summer House Exams   Week Beginning Monday 30th May  
Summer Holidays   Friday 3rd  June  
State Exams   Wednesday 8th June   


 Please also note below information regarding the costings for each year grouping for the upcoming year.  


Year  Book Rental  Locker  Photocopying  Journal  Insurance  TOTAL DUE 
First  €60  €20  €12  €10  €18  €120 
Second  €50  €20  €12  €10  €18  €110 
Third  €50  €20  €12  €10  €18  €110 
Transition Year   €100  €20  €12  €10  €18  €550* 
Fifth  €140  €20  €12  €10  €18  €200 
Sixth  €60  €20  €12  €10  €18  €120 
LCA 1 & 2  €40  €20  €12  €10  €18  €100 


* The cost of additional activities during Transition year has been built into the student services charge. A detailed list of these  activities will be made available to parents and students by the TY coordinator on our return to school.    


Furthermore, there may be extra costs to all students for school related activities such as attending plays or recitals, visiting art galleries, specialist speakers and more.  We will endeavour to limit these costs. 

 Please note that all school related payments must be made via Way2Pay.  Way2Pay accounts will update next week.


Below you will find information pertaining to reopening of our school.


1. Student Health & Safety with Covid-19 Requirements (Masks)

It will be up to each student to provide their own PPE as required.  Face masks should be plain in design with no inappropriate imagery on them. It will be compulsory that all students wear a face mask while on school grounds.

2. School Transport

NB: Please note  that school buses will not run on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th, Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st of August. Parents will need to organise transport for their son/daughter on these days.  

In tandem with the safe re-opening of our school, a key issue will be the provision of safe transport and the need to adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines relating to same. The following instructions were issued by Bus Eireann for school transport:

· A student is not to use school transport if they are displaying symptoms

· Students are to maintain physical distancing while waiting for transport

· Students are to always sit in pre-assigned seating and next to a sibling or child from their class group (this should be the same child at all times)

· Students to use hand sanitiser on boarding the bus

· Students observe respiratory etiquette at all times while waiting for and on-board transport services

· To disembark the bus one by one in an orderly fashion

· With the exception of those children who for medical or special educational needs reasons are not in a position to wear a face mask or face covering, all other students travelling on the post-primary scheme are required to wear face masks while waiting for and on-board transport services.

We are encouraging any students that can walk or cycle to school to do so. If you are dropping a student to school, please set down outside the school grounds and delay no longer than required.

When students arrive at school, they can use the school canteen which will be supervised, and social distancing will be implemented. If a student does not go to the canteen they will have to proceed directly to their base classroom. They will not be permitted to congregate in groups around the school building.

3. School Uniform

Students are expected to follow our uniform rules as outlined on the school website.

4. School Bags/Books and Lockers

Students are encouraged to pack smartly for school, they should only bring the required items for the classes they have on their timetable. Teachers will outline what is required in the first week. The need to bring  workbooks, etc. to class will be kept to a minimum. Students will have access to individual lockers.

5. Student Movement (Year Group Pods, Base Classrooms, Practical Classes, Toilets, etc.)

Movement around the campus will be greatly reduced when we return to school. First, Second and Third, TY and LCA students will have base classes. Fifth- and Sixth-Year students will move as normal. Here are the preliminary details of the base classes.

Class groups will have base classrooms assigned to them and teachers will move between classrooms.

Students will also have assigned seating in each classroom to ensure they sit at the same table as much as possible.

Students will only move for options within their assigned group or for subjects that require access to specialist rooms.

A one-way system of movement will be in operation in the building.

Access to toilets will be as before and they will be cleaned regularly due to the enhanced cleaning schedules we will be implementing.

6. Breaks and Lunchtime

Lunchtimes will take place at the same times as normal and will not be staggered. However, year groups will be allocated a zone to keep contact between different groups to a minimum.

Students will be encouraged to be outside as much as the weather permits.

The school canteen will be in operation during break and lunchtime.

7. School Curriculum, Timetables, & Homework

Student timetables are now available on VSware.

Homework, assignments, projects will still be set but students will be submitting these online where possible to limit the exchange of books, copy books, etc. We will continue to evolve and develop our digital strategy and the use of i-Pads and Microsoft 365 accounts for all students will greatly support this.

8. Student Care and Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance to our school community. When students return to school, all students will be provided with a programme around wellbeing that was developed at national level and designed for all post primary schools. Students will also have support from the following:

· School Guidance Counsellor


· School Completion Co-ordinator

· Pastoral Care Team

· School Management

9. Restricted School Access

Public Health guidelines state that schools must restrict access to building outside of students and staff. Only in very exceptional circumstances should students be collected from school during the day. Appointments for students should be made outside of the school timetable if possible. If you wish to call to the school, please contact the school office for an appointment.

Access to the building will not be allowed on an ad hoc basis, if a parent/guardian is dropping items to the school during the school day they will have to be left outside the front door and can only be collected at break times.

10. Extra-Curricular Activities/Homework Club and Supervised Study

We are proud of the range of activities we offer, and we look forward to returning to these in the coming academic year..

Homework Club for all first and second years will continue as normal. Once the last bell of the day rings, all other students will have to vacate the building to allow for cleaning. It is important that arrangements are in place to collect your son/daughter after school.