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🔬🔭 ✨ BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition ✨🔭🔬

We are absolutely delighted to have 5 projects through to the final of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition.
Well done to all staff & students involved.
The following are the groups and their projects.
✨The harmful effects of earphones and headphones on the eardrum. – Anna Roche, Sandra Carton, and Carlotta Thiel.
✨The anti bacterial properties in halogens. – Jess Woodside, Mark Kent, and Adrija Baltrunaite.
✨Cool 2 carpool. – Mackenzie Hickey, Ella Barry and Ruby Finn.
✨Which works best- ice packs, gel packs or instant ice packs? – Donal Nolan and Billy O’Keeffe
✨Simplifying information using sustainable visual aids to help farmers implement scientific information. – Aoibhe O’Brien

Best of luck to you all!